Families & Individuals | Sponsorship

With your monthly or annual recurring donation of approximately $1 - $1.50 (USD) per day, you can play a vital role in praying for, caring for, and staying updated on one of these individuals/families. Click on any of the images below to read about a family and/or an individual and how they became a part of our “extended” family.

  • General sponsorship information can be found in the sidebar section.

  • If you would like to sponsor a family or an individual, simply click the sponsor button under the thumbnail image. All sponsorships selected can then be found in the cart that will appear in the top section of the sidebar.

  • Choose one of the two payment options: either a monthly recurring option (default) or an annual recurring option.

  • To initiate the transaction process, click the SPONSOR button in the cart, and you will be directed to Paypal. All payments and transaction information are handled securely through Paypal.

  • If you prefer to do a mail-in payment option, or you have any further questions, please contact us via the contact form located in the footer section below.