Kebebush's Family

Pronounced: keh-beh-boosh

Kebebush and her twin daughters, Tewabech (pronounced: tow-ah-behch) and Fantu (pronounced: fan-too), came to Ebenezer in October 2017. Kebebush was 17, and the twins were around 13 months. After the biological father left during Kebebush’s pregnancy, her family took care of her and the girls. Her family has limited resources, and she was brought from the rural area to Hawassa to be a part of the Ebenezer family.

She is living at Lantu’s Home with her girls. During the day Kebebush is able to attend school, with the goal of her finishing her studies. When she is not in school, she is able to live with and raise her girls, and also help the caretakers at Lantu’s Home.

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