Lem Lem's Family

Lem Lem (pictured second from the left above) and her six children began receiving support from ESMA in 2015. She is a widow due to her husband leaving their family some years ago. She has six children—three boys and three girls, ranging from age 9 to 20 years old (all six pictured in the image to the left). Being in her mid 30’s (at the time of our initial meeting) she had done whatever she was able to do, in order to raise and support her family. She had started a small business making and serving coffee until she had had a stroke in late 2014. As a result of the stroke, she has no sensory function on one side of her body, and is unable to walk. We hope that through physical therapy she will be able to walk in the future. Below is a 2017 video sharing Lemlem’s story.

Ebenezer supports her on a monthly basis to offset the income lost by the conditions stemming from her stroke. These funds are used for the school fees and living expenses of their family. We also provide meals and a second family for her children, as they often like to play with their friends at EGCH.

Additionally, we have also supported her two oldest daughters, Meron and Fireyhiwot, in various capacities. Meron was in university and on the verge of quitting when her mother had her stroke. With assistance, she is now able to work on her degree, and know that the burden isn’t on her to be the sole financial provider for her family. As for Fireyhiwot, she had cataracts and required eye surgery. Through the generosity of various supporters, ESMA was able to assist her with the medical costs for her needed surgeries.

We are happy to have this family become part of the extended family of Ebenezer.

If you would like to sponsor Lem Lem's family, please click the “Sponsor” button located under the profile image to the left.